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About Vedas Beauty




Vedas Beauty Nominated for Best Day Spa 

At Vedas we work really hard to source the best products and treatments available globally so that we can offer you the very best experience. The Vedas team are delighted to work with you to make sure that your time here is tailored to best suit you.


Tonya Costello

Our consultants and therapists are highly qualified with no less than seven years experience, and specifically trained in each of the specialist Vedas product ranges. Our Yoga and Pilates teachers are also of the highest calibre. 


Let the Vedas team transport you to a place of serenity and tranquillity, while providing you with the newest and most cutting edge beauty treatments available, including the latest non-invasive technology.


All Vedas products are unique, innovative and highly effective. From Biologique-Recherche to products such as Aromatherapy Associates and Lu'Lur


Our vision for Vedas is that in the future we will continue to offer you the most comprehensive, cutting edge and unique experience in health and beauty in Ireland.


We will be extending our product range and our treatment menu, and will continue to source new and exciting products and treatments for our customers. 


We look forward to meeting you and making your experience at Vedas an unforgettable one.

Best Wishes,
Tonya Costello.


 Guoda Merksaityte: Nominated for Best Facial Therapist 2014


Guoda Head Therapist at Vedas Beauty

Guoda has been the Head Therapist at Vedas Beauty since our opening in 2010. She is passionate about skincare, a fantastic therapist and an inspiration to all her colleagues.


As a skin care therapist with almost 10 years’ experience her core values are to continually learn, grow, improve and deliver exceptional results. Guoda is always looking for the most innovative and effective skin care procedures for her clients. She recently travelled to Paris to receive some really exciting advanced skin care training run by Dr. Phillipe Allouch, one of the founders of the Biologique Recherche skincare range.


The Team at Vedas are delighted Guoda has been nominated for the Best Facial Therapist Award as her dedication and high standards deserve to be commended.



A note from Guoda:

I feel that understanding and listening to your client is the most crucial part of today’s beauty business. I am a perfectionist and would feel guilty if I didn't give 110% to each one of my clients. I try to exceed my client expectations. I also like to plan ahead and see how I can benefit them in the long run, in that way I am building a trustworthy relationship with my regular clients.


In my opinion it’s not all about the high sale, at the end of the day it’s about what they get out of the treatment and products. As long as my clients understand & have the correct home care advice and routine – I am happy & so are my clients. I really really LOVE my job.


I think I deserve this award as it is my passion, it’s in my blood. I am so pleased that I can now help so many people and they keep inspiring me to be even better at what I do.


Praise for Guoda:

‘A beautiful experience and my skin feels wonderful –to be recommended, a warm and caring approach’ Suzanne

‘Guoda is just wonderful’ Siobhan

‘Thank you Guoda, a heavenly facial’ Marie

‘Guoda, thank you so very much for a beautiful facial. I feel so lovely’ Lauri



Elodie Richard: Nominated for Best Body Therapist 2014


Elodie Richards Nominated for Best Body Therapist of the Year

 Elodie has been a senior therapist at Vedas Beauty since we opened in 2010. Elodie specialises in body treatments of all kinds. One of her many areas of expertise is Biologique Recherche’s targeted body treatments. These detoxifying treatments use specialised colonic and lymph drainage massage techniques and products to combat cellulite and aid weight loss.

Elodie also specialises in a wide range of traditional massages which include deep tissue massage, aromatherapy massage, pregnancy massage and many, many more. Recently Elodie has completed her Ayurvedic therapist training with Dr. Deepa Apte from Ayurveda Pura in London and she has added more than 12 new body Treatments to her already accomplished repertoire.  


Elodie is compassionate, focused and always in a good mood. She has the ability to put all clients instantly at ease. What is particularity endearing about Elodie is her genuine concern for all of her clients. She is adept at listening to clients, discerning their needs and tailoring each treatment to get the best results possible in the long term. It is for these reasons and many more that Elodie is loved by both clients and co-workers. 



A note from Elodie:

I believe I deserve the award for Best Body Therapist because I am a genuine person who truly cares about other people. My enthusiasm when doing my job is still as fresh as it was during my first year as a qualified therapist, over 11 years ago. In the meantime I have gained vast knowledge and experience about the structure and functions of the body. With these qualities combined I believe I have proven to myself that I have immense passion for what I do and will always strive to be the very best and do everything I can for my clients. Thank you, Elodie.


Praise for Elodie:

'Absolutely floating after a massage with Elodie. Thank you so much!' Vivien

'Elodie was amazing! Best Hot Stone Massage I've ever had. Thank you!' Sarah

'Elodie was amazing, very friendly, put me at ease. I will be back to her.'Nicky

'Worth every minute, penny and moment to myself. Thank you Elodie for giving me 'me' back! Love, love, love you!' Alex